12 November, 2017

Thousands Benefit from Care Delivered at HMC’s New Medical City Hospitals

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has announced that more than 20,000 outpatient visits were recorded between June and August of this year at its new Medical City hospitals. In recent months the three new hospitals, the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI), the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC), and the Women’s Wellness and Research Center (WWRC), have started to deliver a number of inpatient and outpatient services, with thousands benefitting from the care delivered. The new Medical City hospitals are at the heart of the biggest healthcare facilities expansion in the region.

The Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI), one of the region’s largest tertiary rehabilitation hospitals dedicated to delivering personalized, patient-centered, rehabilitative care, was the first new Medical City hospital to open its doors. Thousands of patients have benefitted from the state-of-the-art facilities and care offered at the hospital’s outpatient clinics, including physical medicine and rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, adult neuro occupational therapy, adult neuro physiotherapy and day rehabilitation. Since March the facility has also cared for a number of inpatients.

The Ambulatory Care Center (ACC), which when fully open will offer day care surgery to thousands of patients each year, has also opened a number of new clinics in recent months, including outpatient podiatry services. Like QRI, the ACC has seen a growing demand for its services. Patients are now benefitting from care delivered at various ACC clinics, including the Digestive (GI) and Liver Disease and Digestive (GI) Endoscopy Clinics. Urology services have also successfully relocated from Hamad General Hospital to the ACC and the number of patients being treated in the new location grows each week.

The Women’s Wellness and Research Center (WWRC), which will be one of the largest tertiary hospitals in the region once fully open, is currently serving outpatients at its Uro-Gynecology, Gynecology-Oncology and Colposcopy and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Clinics as well as the Newborn Screening Unit.

Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari, Acting Chief Medical Officer for HMC, said the new facilities are helping to transform the care delivered to patients. He said: “In recent months we have seen more and more services delivered from the wonderful new hospitals in Medical City with thousands of patients being treated in what are world-class facilities supplied with the latest and most advanced equipment. The new services are designed to provide a safe and friendly environment to our patients and their families, in line with HMCs vision of patient-centered care. Each service move is very carefully planned to ensure we can deliver the highest quality and safest care. Early feedback from our patients, their families, and the clinical teams starting to deliver services at the new hospitals has been fantastic.”

Commenting on the sharp rise in activity at the new Medical City hospitals, Mr. Hamad Al Khalifa, Chief of Healthcare Facilities said: “Since welcoming the first outpatients to Qatar Rehabilitation Institute late last year we have seen an increasing number of clinics and services relocating to our new Medical City hospitals. This increase in activity and expansion of services will continue over the following year as we deliver on our promise to bring world-class facilities to the people of Qatar.”

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